The secret ingredient of many Indian courses is so easy to make you wouldn’t believe!

INGREDIENTS:_MG_1167edited con titolo

1 l full fat milk

200 ml full fat plain yogurt

1 clean cloth

( a dishcloth whashed without softener will be perfect )



Put the milk in a pan and bring it close to the boiling point, be careful not to burn it, the add the yogurt gradually.

Keep stirring gently over low heat for 10 min, then the milk fat will start separating from the whey.

Turn off the heat and leave it to settle.

Drain the whey, wrap the curds in the cloth and squeeze well, then, to take out the excess water, press the wrapped paneer under something heay for a couple of hours.

Et voilà, your cheese is ready!

This recipe it’s so easy and fulfilling :-)

If you want you can keep your paneer for a couple of days in the fridge, but it’s fundamentale to cover it with water otherwise it will go rancid quite quickly :-(


Taste your home made paneer preparing the great and rich MALAI KOFTA, here you can find my recipe :-)


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