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_MG_5784-crostata-cocco-e-cioccolato-con-firma titolo inglese

Crispy cocunut-dark chocolate pie ( gluten free)

This pie is so chic, easy and quick to prepare that you wouldn’t believe it INGREDIENTS: For the “crust”: 270g Shredded coconut 80g butter (at room temperature)   For the filling: 250 g good quality dark chocolate (roughtly chopped) 40g...

Vegan dark chocolate ganache

Vegan dark chocolate ganache

INGREDIENTS: 250 g good quality dark chocolate 200g soy whipping cream 40 g coconut butter  DIRECTIONS: Put chocolate roughly chopped and coconut butter in a mixing bowl than Microwave in increments of 20-30 seconds until melted. Stir gently with a...

pavlova-pasqua-2015 con titolo

Red fruits Pavlova

INGREDIENTS: For the meringue: 170g confectioner sugar 4 egg whites ( room temperature) 10 g cornstarch 1 pinch of salt good quality vanilla extract 3 g baking powder 1ts white vinegar confectioner sugar  For the filling: 250 ml heavy cream a...